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Citizen chase an endless sunset in Tristan Patterson’s gorgeous five-minute short ‘Chasing Horizons’

By Sam Bathe on 17 Oct 2014




To celebrate the launch of their Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 watch, one cold, icy day in Reykjavik last February, Citizen sent photographer Simon Roberts off in search of a never-ending sunset. Flying around the world at a latitude of exactly 80 degress, with the world rotating at 289.95 km/hour, Roberts flew in the opposite direction to stay in the same moment in time. Executing a meticulous flight plan of fuel stops and bursts in the air, Roberts was able to shoot the same sunset over and over again, each time over a new horizon. Directed by Tristan Patterson, the campaign is a play on the watch’s ability to automatically adjust to a new time zone in just three seconds.

Derek Cianfrance’s Every Pitch

Posted in Advertising, Sport
By Sam Bathe on 12 Mar 2013

So stylishly directed by filmmaker Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine, The Place Beyond The Pines), the new 60 second spot for Dick’s Sporting Goods, gets back to the grit of sport on the field of play, not the spectacle surrounding it. So much tension and drama packed into just a minute, hopefully Cianfrance makes more adverts.

Physicist David Neevel’s Oreo Separator Machine

Posted in Advertising
By Sam Bathe on 12 Mar 2013

Solving one of life’s great troubles, separating an Oreo cookie from the cream, physicist David Naveel has engineered a complicated machine to do the work for him. And it’s makes for such a funny video. Part one in a series by the ever-impressive Wieden+Kennedy Portland, though the follow-ups haven’t quite hit the same heights.

No Cup Is Safe

Posted in Advertising, Sport
By Sam Bathe on 22 Jan 2013

Fresh from the announcement he’ll be joining Nike‘s athlete roster, Rory McIlroy joins Tiger on the range for their latest TV spot, when things get bit competitive; no cup is safe. Something like this for football would be amazing.

Maison Boisset, Switzerland

Posted in Advertising
By Sam Bathe on 15 Jan 2013

Imagined by Swiss architecture firm Savoiz Fabrizzi, the renovation of Maison Boisset took an existing cabin shell in the Alps and turned it a platform for some quite extraordinary views from the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Show the rest of this post…

Fitted out with larch wood from the local area, the snowy cabin feels warm and cosy despite the freezing mountains outside, the Maison Boisset spans three floors with room for guests on what would be one quite amazing skiing trip.

Lotta Nieminen Travels Happy

Posted in Advertising, Art
By Sam Bathe on 5 Dec 2012

A wonderfully summery animation by Lotta Nieminen, Travel Happy explains how much easier it’s going to get for travellers to transfer between downtown Toronto and the Pearson International Airport, though it’s the wonderful illustration that really makes the 1-minute spot worth a look. Fantastic art direction by Winkreative too.

Stay Firm And Fresh

Posted in Advertising, Food
By Sam Bathe on 4 Nov 2012

In honour of World Vegan Day, PETA have a released a video not quite up to the high brow standard you might expect. Instead they give a wink to the sexual benefits of going vegan by showcasing men dancing around with extra-healthy vegetable parts. While it’s a little crude, you can’t deny the advert’s power. Made by agency Fallon.

Old Spice Muscle Music

Posted in Advertising
By Sam Bathe on 26 Aug 2012

Taking over from Isaiah Mustafa, actor Terry Crews bring his own muscle-powered heat to the Old Spice fire.

I Would Run To You

Posted in Advertising, Sport
By Sam Bathe on 19 Apr 2012

Produced to promote Nike Free Run+, the sports manufacturer has produced this cute video of two lovers a world apart, but with running shoes on their feet. Needless to say the guy is a little out of shape so it’s up to the girl to cross the country on foot, and the results pull surprisingly on your heartstrings. We need more like this from Nike.

Cultivate A Better World

By Sam Bathe on 16 Feb 2012

Near 18 months old now but still every bit as breathtaking, Johnny Kelly‘s extended spot for Chipotle depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. The video is intended to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system, a lesson learned after Chipotle’s 10 year flirtation under ownership of giant MacDonald’s.

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