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Yu Suzuki is finally making ‘Shenmue 3′ a reality with a funding project through Kickstarter

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By Sam Bathe on 16 Jun 2015



Announced during Sony’s E3 event yesterday, Yu Suzuki is making millions of gaming fans’ dreams come true and setting to work on Shenmue 3. Funded through Kickstarter (and already a healthy chunk into its $2m funding goal), Shenmue 3 is the long-awaited final piece of the Shenmue trilogy. Originally released on the Dreamcast in 1999, the revolutionary series follows hero Ryo Hazuki as he investigates the mystery of his murdered father on a quest avenge his death. One of the most famous titles to hit the fundraising platform, Shenmue 3 is planned for PS4 and PC, with additional languages and bonus quests included in the project’s stretch goals. Help make Shenmue 3 a reality by pledging on Kickstarter:

Keiji Inafune calls on ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Wall-E’ in apocalyptic adeventure title ‘ReCore’

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By Sam Bathe on 15 Jun 2015




Announced at E3 and instantly touted as one of Xbox One’s big tentpole exclusives for 2016, ReCore is an adventure game set in a mesmerising apocalyptic world. From Keiji Inafune (Mega Man, Dead Rising) and the makers of Metroid Prime, ReCore blends the magic of Star Wars, desolation of Wall-E and exploration of Journey, following one of the last surviving humans with nothing but a series of quirky mechanical robots to help her survive. ReCore will hit the Xbox One in Spring 2016.

‘Mayday! Deep Space’ rethinks the survival horror genre with voice-controlled gameplay

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By Sam Bathe on 9 Jan 2015


From best-selling author Daniel Wilson (Robopocalypse), Mayday! Deep Space reinvents the survival horror for a unique and chilling game on iOS. Rather than fighting bloody creatures yourself, instead you’re on the other end of a radio, answering a distress signal from the lone survivor on a derelict spaceship. Giving instructions based on a rudimentary radar, you control the game via your voice and quickfire instructions like “turn left” or “run forward”. It’s an unusual experience but adds an extra layer of claustrophobia and tension as don’t feel completely in control. Not even close. And it makes the game just as scary as anything from Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

The are five levels of “increasing mayhem”, with waypoints on the radar to get to, each a daunting distance across the map, with monsters dotted everywhere in-between. Four unique endings based on your decisions during the game make for real replay value too. Mayday! Deep Space is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad:!-deep-space/id695138358?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Adventure game ‘Future Unfolding’ invites players to explore its infinite and eternally unique world

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By Sam Bathe on 4 Sep 2014



From Spaces of Play, the studio of Berlin-based indie developers Mattias Ljungström and Marek Plichta, Future Unfolding lets gamers explore a mesmerising world filled with beautiful landscapes and dangerous creatures. Procedurally generated, each play-through produces a new and unique world for players to enjoy, observing and interacting with the wildlife to uncover clues and patterns and locate hidden secrets on the way to finding the game’s mysterious goal. Inspired by impressionist paintings, the aesthetic is described by Plichta as “an oil painting that is still wet”, allowing gamers to feel like they can still move the colour around on the canvas. Roughly halfway through developing the game, Future Unfolding is due for release sometime late next year. Stay tuned to the Future Unfolding site for more news:

Guillermo del Toro, Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus team up for exciting franchise relaunch ‘Silent Hills’

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By Sam Bathe on 26 Aug 2014



Announced within interactive teaser, P.T., innocuously released on the PlayStation Store, Silent Hills is the coming together of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Featuring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as the game’s protagonist, Silent Hills kick-starts the iconic survival-horror franchise, inviting gamers to explore the puzzles and scares of a looping freaky house in the teaser. Currently in the early stages of development, there isn’t currently a release date attached, but already fans are itching to get their hands on the title. In the meantime you can download P.T., but a warning, you will be scared:!/en-us/games/pt/cid=UP4511-CUSA01127_00-PPPPPPPPTTTTTTTT

The ‘Halo’ franchise makes its long-awaited small screen debut with digital series ‘Halo: Nightfall’

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By Sam Bathe on 29 Jul 2014


The sole survivor from Xbox’s recently scrapped video content initiative, Halo makes its long-awaited debut on the small screen with Ridley Scott-produced series, Nightfall. Introducing a new character, Jameson Locke, a legendary manhunter and agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Earth’s most powerful and secretive military branch, a trailer for the digital series premiered at San Diego’s Comic Con over the weekend. The series appears to follow Locke and his team as they are caught in the midst of a horrific biological attack, they unravel a plot that sees them delve deeper and deeper into Halo lore. Taking place between the events of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: Nightfall tell the origin story of Locke before his central role in the Halo title to be released next year. Halo: Nightfall will be released as part of The Master Chief Collection this Fall.

‘Limbo’ developers Playdead return with another creepy and beautiful platformer in ‘Inside’

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By Sam Bathe on 10 Jun 2014

Wowing the gaming world in 2010 with ingenious monochrome platformer, Limbo, Playdead Studios have announced their follow-up and its more of the same with Inside. Another tense and smart platformer that will test gamers against tricky puzzles and traps, Inside is set in a gorgeous world, again largely bereft of light. Debuting on Xbox One in the first half of 2015, other details are sparse but gamers can be excited for what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest indie releases of next year.

Aiden Pearce is a hacker hell-bent on revenge in the final trailer for Ubisoft’s open world adventure game ‘Watch Dogs’

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By Sam Bathe on 23 May 2014



Ahead of its release next Tuesday, Ubisoft have put out a final trailer for Watch Dogs teasing the highly anticipated game’s plot. With players taking control of hacker Aiden Pearce, after Aiden sees something he’s not supposed to see, but when his enemies came for him, they left his niece dead in his place. Some 11 months on and hell-bent on revenge, Aiden hacks into the city-wide CtOS supercomputer control system, as he attempts to find those responsible for his terrible loss. Watch Dogs is out May 27th on Playstation 4 and 3 and Xbox One and 360.

Metal Gear Solid gets back to its routes with new open world prologue title ‘Ground Zeroes’

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By Sam Bathe on 27 Mar 2014

A bite-sized prologue to Metal Gear Solid V proper, The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes intros the new open world structure set to revolutionise the series. Not a full game, instead just a single sneaking mission set on a sprawling black site in Cuba, Ground Zeroes sees the series go back to a more familiar stealth style of gameplay after the odd Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and feels wonderfully cinematic. The released date for The Phantom Pain is still TBC but Ground Zeroes is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The fight is taken into to space in the new trailer for next-gen FPS ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

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By Sam Bathe on 11 Sep 2013

Hitting the Xbox One and Playstation 4 this November, which it might not look like anything too revolutionary, Call of Duty: Ghosts runs on an all-new engine with the US finding themselves against an impossible foe with the fight even taken into space. One of the must-buys for the two-next gen consoles as luckily you won’t have to pick a side to get your fix of Call of Duty.

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