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From two Pixar animators, ‘Borrowed Time’ is a heart-wrenching short set inside a gorgeous, gloomy canyon

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 20 Oct 2016



Directed by Pixar animators, Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj, short film Borrowed Time tells the story of a sheriff who returns to the scene of a tragic accident, many years ago. Set to the background of a stunning, atmospheric canyon, the story is so rich in the character and heart we’ve come to expect from the Emeryville Studio as the sheriff recalls a heartbreaking moment from when he was a boy. The directors wanted to “make something that contested the notion of animation being a genre for children specifically,” with the story slowly coming together before the devastating finale. It’s a magnificent piece of work, and we can expect great things from the duo in years to come, a more adult film like this would certainly be very interesting under Pixar’s helm.

Henrik von der Lieth’s video for Mass & Fieber track ‘James Bomb’ is the perfect secret agent title sequence

By Sam Bathe on 30 Aug 2016



A preview to their play which will open next summer in Zurich, Henrik von der Lieth has created a sumptuous video for Mass & Fieber’s sultry track, James Bomb. Inspired by the James Bond franchise’s iconic title sequences, the music video blends an electric colour palette with course texture and detailing as a secret agent sleuth tracks down a mysterious villain. Releasing an album and performing the music in concert this summer, expect updates about Mass & Fieber’s play, also titled James Bomb, later this year.

Filmmaker Greg Dennis follows a getaway to Norway where for weeks on end, they live without the sun

Posted in Film, Short Films, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 27 Aug 2016



Visitng Norway every year to escape the stresses and strains of the modern world, Jeff Allen finds peace in northern Scandinavia during the ‘blue time’, where the local Sami people can go for months on end without sun rising above the horizon. Jeff kayaks with whales and longtime friend Bjørn Eines, dog sleds under the wing of Tore Albrigtsen and now guides expeditions so others can experience the beauty of this wonderful place. Captured by filmmaker Greg Dennis, short film The Blue Time charts one of Jeff’s trips, as much about relaxation and meditation as recreation and entertainment.

Moth Collective and The Guardian imagine the future in animated short ‘The Last Job on Earth’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 19 Feb 2016




In collaboration with The Guardian’s Sustainable Business section, Moth Collective illustrate a future where there’s only one job left on earth. Part of an on-going series exploring the modern economic world, Alice is the planet’s last ever employee, with futuristic technologies making the human race almost entirely redundant. The gorgeous utopian short is a dark take on where the world might be headed, with society settling in to the post-work domain, for better, and certainly for worse.

Two Brooklynites go on a wild goose chase to find a missing boyfriends in funny short ‘Super Sleuths’

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By Sam Bathe on 11 Jan 2016



Written and directed by Benjamin Dickinson, short Super Sleuths sees Marie (Lindsay Burdge) take time out from her own heartache to help her best friend Sally (Kate Lyn Sheil) find her missing boyfriend. Putting Dickinson’s funny script in the hand of the two stellar leads, the duo get distracted along the way, making stop offs at a tattoo parlour, artist’s studio and local coffee shop. Dickinson followed up Super Sleuths with feature Creative Control, which sold to Amazon Studios after its premiere at last year’s SXSW.

Animator Elliot Lim has created a stunning homage to his favourite ever TV show, ‘The Wire’

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By Sam Bathe on 4 Jan 2016



Inspired by the David Simon’s classic crime drama, The Wire, animator Elliot Lim has created a gorgeous homage to the show and it’s five seasons of grime, crime and double-crossing. Set to The Wire‘s iconic theme music, Way Down in the Hole as performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama, Lim’s animation encapsulates so many of the motif’s that made the show so great, such as the stellar storytelling that absorbed viewers right through to the end. You can also see Lim’s work on the titles of Jay Baruchel’s FX comedy, Man Seeking Woman.

A man goes to extremes for love after losing the end of a girl’s phone number in mumblecore short ‘Digits’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 16 Dec 2015



A mumblecore short from writer/director Alexander Engel, Digits follows the attempts of a man to call a girl he just met despite losing the last two digits of her number. Shot in one small apartment, Keith speaks to a number of characters who aren’t the person he’s looking for as he works his way from 01 to 99. Telling a story of both humour and heart, Antonio Campos’s lead is a little pathetic and thoroughly relatable, but it’s the punchy narrative and pace of the editing that is particularly impressive, especially considering the minimal scope of the shoot. Next for Engel is a web-series called Dilemma, starring the lead actor from another short of his, Beardtown USA.

Alex Karprovsky takes method acting to the extreme in Michael Tyburski’s funny short ‘Actor Seeks Role’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 30 Jul 2015




An aspiring New York City method actor, Paul (Alex Karprovsky) takes on a part-time gig, performing the symptoms of various illnesses for the student doctors at a local school. Though he’s overlooked for the stage and screen, instead Paul attracts the eye of the medical instructure, who himself has a flair for the theatric. Another interesting side-project for Girls‘ actor Karprovsky, Michael Tyburski’s Actor Seeks Role is a smart and gently comic short with ambitions beyond its micro-scale budget.

Booooooom’s Jeff Hamada explores what makes artists tick in docu short ‘Heavy Dreamers’

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By Natasha Peach on 22 Jun 2015




Teaming up with WeTransfer for short film Heavy Dreamers, Booooooom‘s Jeff Hamada explores what makes artists tick and what drives their creative motivations. Featuring interviews with the likes of Hot Tea, Kevin Lyons, James Jean, Tatiana Suarez, Nosego, Lauren YS and more while they made work at the Pow! Wow! arts festival in Hawaii, the artists share insights about how they got where they are now and glimpses into their process. Directed by David Ehrenreich with cinematography by Liam Mitchell.

Foster Huntington’s short ‘The Cinder Cone’ follows a group of friends who built a treehouse and skate bowl up in the mountains

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Natasha Peach on 19 Jun 2015



After months of preparation, last summer, Foster Huntington and a group of friends set out to complete a childhood dream, building an escape up in the trees. From breaking ground to completing the interconnected treehouses, skate bowl and hot tub-with-a-view in the Columbia River Gorge, Foster’s short, The Cinder Cone, follows their story. While some were professional carpenters, other learned on the job, but really this is a about a bond between friends, and making your life’s ambitions come true. Find out more about the project, plus a book which successfully found funding on Kickstarter, on the Cinder Cone site:

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