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Foster Huntington’s short ‘The Cinder Cone’ follows a group of friends who built a treehouse and skate bowl up in the mountains

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Natasha Peach on 19 Jun 2015



After months of preparation, last summer, Foster Huntington and a group of friends set out to complete a childhood dream, building an escape up in the trees. From breaking ground to completing the interconnected treehouses, skate bowl and hot tub-with-a-view in the Columbia River Gorge, Foster’s short, The Cinder Cone, follows their story. While some were professional carpenters, other learned on the job, but really this is a about a bond between friends, and making your life’s ambitions come true. Find out more about the project, plus a book which successfully found funding on Kickstarter, on the Cinder Cone site:

Daniel Soares explores the birth of a new roller skating community in San Fransicso with short ‘Totally Free’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 29 May 2015



Roller skating used to be all the rage, but you barely find people doing it anywhere anymore. However, with the scene making a comeback in San Francisco, director Daniel Soares speaks to the wonderful people who have started a new community on the west coast, talking about how they got into skating and how free they feel on eight wheels.

Patagonia highlight Ramon Navarro’s mission to save the Chilean coast in docu short ‘The Fisherman’s Son’

Posted in Film, Nature, Short Films, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 6 May 2015



An ode to surfing ambassador, Ramón Navarro, outdoor apparel brand Patagonia have collaborated with Save The Waves and filmmaker Chris Malloy to produce 30-minute short, The Fisherman’s Son. From a modest upbringing to the top of big wave surfing, Navarro has used his influence to build a new profile as an environmental activist and fight save his home break, Punta de Lobos, from the threat of huge corporate development. This vision to protect the culture and environment of the Chilean coast became his great goal, donate online to help the appeal:

Prada releases ‘The Postman Dreams’ series of shorts to celebrate their iconic Galleria bag

Posted in Film, Short Films, Style
By Sam Bathe on 10 Apr 2015



Inspired by the style and tone of past collaborator, Wes Anderson, Prada have released a series of new shorts about a daydreaming postman. Starring Prada’s iconic Galleria bag, the five The Postman Dreams shorts are directed by Autumn De Wilde, with a quirky, almost slapstick, approach to their comedy. With two more yet to be release, the first short in the series sleep through half of his shift, dreaming about the Galleria, while another sees him avoid a passionate embrace on the stairs and the last about a young boy using the bag as the battlefield for his toys. Stay tuned to The Postman Dreams microsite for the final two shorts:

Art&Graft go on hike in the Lake District in ethereal short ‘The Walk’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 9 Apr 2015




Inspired by the picturesque scenery of the Lake District, studio Art&Graft‘s in-house project, The Walk is a beautiful short film about the simple and steady pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other. With sound from Brains & Hunch, the short is calm and measured, about leaving it all behind and taking a walk through nature. The animation is stunning, bringing hand-drawn illustrations to life with calmness and maturity, and a colour palette that makes you want to get out there and smell the moss.

Martin Starr tries to keep up in Pete Livolsi’s fantastic short ‘Leonard in Slow Motion’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 2 Apr 2015



Living in slow motion while the rest of the world runs at regular speed, life can be tough for Leonard. Struggling to keep up in work and love, when Leonard discovers his office crush is getting transferred to another office, he must somehow figure out a way to get up to normal speed or risk losing her forever. Brilliantly played by Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Party Down), how the filmmakers achieved the two-speed effect is a technical marvel, directed by Pete Livolsi.

Director Scott Duffy is sad to see ice hockey season go with charming quick-cut ode ‘Hockey Sounds’

Posted in Film, Short Films, Sport
By Sam Bathe on 11 Mar 2015




As spring begins to break, gone is director Scott Duffy‘s backyard hockey rink. An ode to their family’s winter out on the ice, hockey sticks in hand, Hockey Sounds is a charming short and you can really feel Duffy’s passion for the sport and how it brings his family together. Quick-cutting between the sights and sounds of ice hockey and their backyard rink, it’ll bring old players back to their childhood and your own hockey routines. No children were harmed during the filming of this video.

One of the most iconic moments in NFL history plays second fiddle in short ‘The Immaculate Reception’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Natasha Peach on 9 Mar 2015



Named after the famous American Football play, Charlotte Glynn‘s short is set in 1972, during the iconic game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. The Immaculate Reception follows Joey, the middle of three brothers and a shy and quiet kid, but when his crush ends up at his house to watch the game, he must overcome his insecurities to win her over. Written and directed by Charlotte Glynn, The Immaculate Reception is the second in the The Pittsburgh Trilogy, opener Rachel Is is available now on Vimeo On Demand:

Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee tell some uncomfortable truths in fantastic animated short ‘The Darkest Truth About Love’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 4 Mar 2015



Based on a short piece of writing by Alain De Botton, Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee‘s excellent little short examines our existence, alone and in love. Backed by an excellent Tom Rosenthal score, The Darkest Truth About Love tells some uncomfortable truths about falling for your love, whether you believe them, however, or instead let your romantic side take over, is up to you. The short is beautifully hand-illustrated and animated frame-by-frame.

Lattes find love in the adorable stop-motion short ‘Coffee Couple’

Posted in Film, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 20 Jan 2015



Featuring over 1,000 cups of latte art, Japanese coffee makers Maxim Stick’s extraordinary and adorable short Coffee Couple tells the story of boy-meet-girl, falling in love and growing old together. With an espresso cup playing their child and other funny jokes in the story, the short has a supreme attention to detail and super stop motion animation, effortlessly turning cocoa-dusted coffees into living, breathing characters. Check out some behind the scenes shots and a making-of video on Latte Vacation’s website:

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