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Arlo Skye team up with blog Sight Unseen to create the ultimate design-conscious traveller’s suitcase

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By Sam Bathe on 2 Dec 2017



In collaboration with design blog Sight Unseen, hip luggage company Arlo Skye are releasing their Carry-On and Check-In cases in a limited-edition Sage colourway. Founded by alums from Tumi and Louis Vuitton, Arlo Skye’s cases are made of a lightweight makrolon polycarbonate shell, with micro-textured surface, aluminum-alloy trim and a removable USB charger built-in. Remarkably the design actually involves no outer zippers, instead the cases are held shut by two TSA-approved combination locks and an interlocking seal along each edge. Inside you’ll find more of Sight Unseen’s influence, commissioning Finnish illustrator Antti Kekki to design a print for the lining and dividers. The Carry-On is $375, while the Check-In is just $20 more at $395, shipping at the end of November from Arlo Skye’s online store:

Filmmaker Greg Dennis follows a getaway to Norway where for weeks on end, they live without the sun

Posted in Film, Short Films, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 27 Aug 2016



Visitng Norway every year to escape the stresses and strains of the modern world, Jeff Allen finds peace in northern Scandinavia during the ‘blue time’, where the local Sami people can go for months on end without sun rising above the horizon. Jeff kayaks with whales and longtime friend Bjørn Eines, dog sleds under the wing of Tore Albrigtsen and now guides expeditions so others can experience the beauty of this wonderful place. Captured by filmmaker Greg Dennis, short film The Blue Time charts one of Jeff’s trips, as much about relaxation and meditation as recreation and entertainment.

Photographer Karl Hab takes air travel as an excuse to shoot the skies with series ‘Window Seat Please’

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 22 Jan 2016



While most passengers are cramming on in-flight movies at 10,000 ft, Karl Hab has his camera in hand to capture what’s down below. Putting his favourites from the last 10 years together for short-run zine, Window Seat Please, Hab shoots the cryptic skies with an sense of wonder, and the expectation of what awaits when you land. Show the rest of this post…









Check out more of Karl’s work on his site:

Photographer Julien Balmer captures the colour and culture en route to the ancient Morrocan city of Fès

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 31 Jul 2015



Returning to Morocco for a week-long home swap, photographer Julien Balmer took a road trip to the ancient city of Fès, in the north of the country. A labyrinth of winding paths, left without a map or a plan, shooting the magnificent landscapes and local culture en route. Show the rest of this post…






Check out more of Julien’s work on his site:

Photographer Sidi-Omar Alami took his camera across the US on the first leg of tour around the world

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 29 Jun 2015



Leaving medical school after one year to explore the world with just a pack on his back and a camera in hand, Parisian photographer Sidi-Omar Alami set off in June last year, with his first destination the United States. Show the rest of this post…

Starting off in New York, Alami drove to LA through the northern roads and back via the South, and it’s an experience that has changed his life: “Thanks to my travels, I understand more about myself and I try to make people happy through my photos. Through my photos I’d like to encourage people to travel.”







Check out more of Sidi-Omar’s photography on his Flickr page:

Photographer Matt Lief Anderson explores the grandiosity of nature in his series through the Southwest

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 17 Jun 2015



Travelling through Colorado, Utah and Arizona, photographer Matt Lief Anderson got lost in the great expanses of nature in his series through America’s Southwest. With the landscape ever-changing, Anderson takes in sights from desert roads to snowy peaks, experiencing all four seasons in a matter of days. Show the rest of this post…







Check out more of Matt’s work on his site:

Photographer Katharina Jung’s New Zealand series reminds you life’s most spectacular sights are outside the urban environment

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 7 May 2015



Traveling the length of New Zealand with camera in hand, photographer Katharina Jung‘s series, The Freedom of the Open Road, captures how liberating it can be to step into the wild. Hoping to share the “endless beauty of this land and every creature on it”, Katharina invites you to “free yourself, follow your heart and spread the message, ‘Dream on little dreamer, this is how it all begins.’” Show the rest of this post…







Check out more of Katharina’s photography on her Flickr profile:

Patagonia highlight Ramon Navarro’s mission to save the Chilean coast in docu short ‘The Fisherman’s Son’

Posted in Film, Nature, Short Films, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 6 May 2015



An ode to surfing ambassador, Ramón Navarro, outdoor apparel brand Patagonia have collaborated with Save The Waves and filmmaker Chris Malloy to produce 30-minute short, The Fisherman’s Son. From a modest upbringing to the top of big wave surfing, Navarro has used his influence to build a new profile as an environmental activist and fight save his home break, Punta de Lobos, from the threat of huge corporate development. This vision to protect the culture and environment of the Chilean coast became his great goal, donate online to help the appeal:

South Dakota’s Badlands National Park live up to its name through the lens of photographer Tim Navis

Posted in Art, Photography, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 10 Mar 2015



Visiting the Black Hills forest frequently as a child, South Dakota has a place in photographer Tim Navis‘ heart. Back to shoot the Badlands National Park, you can feel the emotion in Navis’ work, so eery and powerful is striking black and white. Show the rest of this post…





Check out more of Tim’s photography on his site:

Temujin Doran documents life in the South Pole station start-up crew in Wes Anderson-inspired documentary ‘Welcome to Union Glacier’

Posted in Film, Short Films, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 17 Dec 2014



About the small team of people who live and work on the Union Glacier during the Antarctic summer, filmmaker Temujin Doran‘s team was attached to the ill-fated Scott Expedition but after becoming stranded at the camp, began to document daily life on the station. Something of an anti-documentary – they don’t break any records, it’s just simple day-to-day activities – Doran is heavily influenced by Wes Anderson, borrowing his signature centre-framed shots and quirky pull aways. It’s fascinating that even on the South Pole, what people most look forward to their day, is lunch.

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