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‘Mayday! Deep Space’ rethinks the survival horror genre with voice-controlled gameplay

Posted in Games, iPad, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 9 Jan 2015


From best-selling author Daniel Wilson (Robopocalypse), Mayday! Deep Space reinvents the survival horror for a unique and chilling game on iOS. Rather than fighting bloody creatures yourself, instead you’re on the other end of a radio, answering a distress signal from the lone survivor on a derelict spaceship. Giving instructions based on a rudimentary radar, you control the game via your voice and quickfire instructions like “turn left” or “run forward”. It’s an unusual experience but adds an extra layer of claustrophobia and tension as don’t feel completely in control. Not even close. And it makes the game just as scary as anything from Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

The are five levels of “increasing mayhem”, with waypoints on the radar to get to, each a daunting distance across the map, with monsters dotted everywhere in-between. Four unique endings based on your decisions during the game make for real replay value too. Mayday! Deep Space is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad:!-deep-space/id695138358?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

The London List Abroad: Ulmon, The Best Offline Guide And Maps App For ParisThe London List

By Sam Bathe on 5 Apr 2013

So many people carrying smart phones now, we’re used to everything being in the palm of our hands, wherever we go, whatever we’re doing. But that all changes when you go abroad. Show the rest of this post…

Unless you happy to incur often astronomical data charges, or buy a separate foreign SIM for your phone, going online is out of the question, so the trend now is to download everything you need in advance.

There are a bunch of offline map and travel guide apps available for Paris, but of the bunch that I tried, Ulmon was by far the very best. With a super detailed, zoomable map, with thousands of tappable points of interest, bringing up cached Wikipedia articles within the app getting around the city is a breeze. The best feature though is that a remarkably accurate locator, pinpointing what street you’re on within seconds, and thanks to the iPhone’s compass, it’ll tell you which way you’re facing too.

Thanks to an extensive directory of restaurants, bars, shops, theatres, cinemas and more, if you’re short of something to do it’ll map what’s around you, while you can also bookmark a to-do list of picks if you want to plan your stay. With a Metro map too, I don’t know what we would have done without the Ulmon app, and gone at last are the huge paper maps you used to have to carry around in your pocket, and just pulling out your phone instead, you can start to look like a local. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

Ulmon for iOS is available in the App Store here:

Game Trailer: Riot

Posted in Games, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 4 Mar 2013

With gloriously 8-bit graphics, inspired by recent iOS title Swords & Sworcery, Riot is a “playable documentary” allowing gamers to see what it’s like on both sides of social discontent, “born as a way to express it and to tell the stories of these fights.” The game hit funding on IndieGogo but you can find out more and still get involved here.

Collective iPhone Cables

Posted in iPad, iPhone, Technology
By Sam Bathe on 13 Aug 2012

Though they’ll need a refresh in a month or so when the iPad and iPhone’s new 9-pin doc connector is made standard at the next launch on September 10th, we’re still in love with Eastern Collectives’ Collective Cables, doing away with the white wire, instead encasing it in climbing rope. Available in four colours, they’ll set you back $14.

Lena Dunham And Jon Hamm Introduce The New Yorker App For iPhone

Posted in Books, iPhone, Technology
By Sam Bathe on 10 Aug 2012

With Jason Schwartzman introducing their iPad app, The New Yorker knew they’d have to pull out all the stop when their iPhone iteration hit the store. Luckily having friends in high places means you can call on the likes of Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm a second time around; they put on a fake talk show, and it’s really, really wonderful.

8-Bit Angry Birds

Posted in Games, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 11 Mar 2011

In luscious “HD”, Angry Birds looks great and all, but doesn’t 8-bit just suit it effortlessly more? Great renderings by Penney Design.

Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta

Posted in Fun, Games, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 26 Oct 2010

We’re in love with Eastbound & Down, everyone should be, it’s the anti-hero comedy TV has needed for quite some time. Back for a second season, HBO have put out this iPhone game too, and though it’s not available outside the States, which is more than a little irritating, it is 8-bit brilliance, and free to boot. There’s insults galore as you strive to get Kenny Powers’ career back on track, and while you might complete it in 30 minutes, it’s still more than worth the space on your iPhone. Get it from the iTunes App Store.

iOS Game: The Incident

Posted in Games, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 9 Sep 2010

Don’t you just hate it when random stuff starts falling from the sky? Yeah, us too. Handily, Big Bucket Software captured this every day problem in a game. And it’s amazing.

No Stand, No Problem

Posted in Design, iPhone, Technology
By Sam Bathe on 20 Apr 2010

Watching handsfree films on your iPhone has always been a problem. But not any more. Show the rest of this post…

Sword & Sworcery

Posted in Games, iPhone
By Sam Bathe on 15 Apr 2010

This. Game. Looks. Amazing. Show the rest of this post…

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