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By Michael Ramey on 19 Aug 2011

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire will be back for a second season following the awards winning first. We left off with Nucky’s prodigy Jimmy and Brother Eli possible turning on him and removing Nucky from power. The only problem is will Nucky be distracted by the appearance of his dead — or is she? — Wife? Deadwood actress Molly Parker will be joining the cast as his wife. Also expect more violence and action as Al Capone is turning into the infamous gangster we all know.

Boardwalk Empire returns Sunday 25th September.

Bones is back Thursday 3rd November after Brennan is pregnant with Booth’s child. This season executive producer Stephen Nathan promises to introduce a new long-running villain as well as a new squintern. Everything won’t be rosy for the lead duo because they’re a couple. They still see the world in a different we and need to learn to live with each other.

On the show Castle the titled character finally confessed his love for his partner Beckett. Although it may be a little late as she was shot by a sniper then fell unconscious to end the season. With Beckett’s boyfriend in the picture we can only expect more drama for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, 24’s Penny Johnson Jerald joins the cast as the new Castle-disliking police captain. Castle returns Monday 19th September.

CSI – yes the original Las Vegas one – is back on Wednesday 21st September. Don’t expect it to be the same though as Laurence Fishburne did not renew his contract over the summer and Ted Danson will be replacing him in the lead role. Also it looks like Marg Helgenberger may be leaving as well. They ended last season with Langston killing Nate Haskell and he and his fellow CSIs worked to prove that it was an act of self-defense rather than revenge. We also don’t have to worry about Justin Bieber returning to the show as he was killed off last season (thank you CSI writers). CSI: Miami will be returning Sunday 25th September and CSI: NY returns Friday 23rd September.

The show I look forward to the most every fall is Showtime’s Dexter, possibly the greatest show on television right now. Last season Dexter had to deal with the death of his wife Rita. Julia Stiles joined the cast as Lumen Pierce a woman who was abused and raped by a group of men. In true Dexter fashion he and Lumen sought revenge on the men by strapping them to a table and slicing them up. Dexter’s sister Debra came this close to catching him as he killed the final man. Ultimately Lumen left Miami to try and move on from her painful past. This fall Dexter returns Sunday 2nd October, with three new guest stars Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos Def. One of the most likely putting on an award worthy performance as every guest star seems to do so. From the look of the trailer it looks like another great season.

House returns to Fox on Monday3rd October and after House drove his car through Cuddy’s house after seeing her with another man. The season will jump forward a year with House having spent most of that time in jail. There will be new Odette Annable and Charlene Yi will both join House’s team of diagnosticians in season eight.

NBC’s hit drama Parenthood left off with baby talk with the Braveman clan. Adam found out Cristina was expecting right after he got fired, and Julia and Joel decided to adopt. That did you expect the show is called “Parenthood”. On the upcoming season Crosby, still split from Jasmine, may collaborate with his unemployed brother on a new project. Sarah will face the big 4-0 right when amber moves out. Julia will find a potential baby to adopt closer than she expects: at work. Parenthood returns Tuesday 13th September.

All you favourite crime shows (there are enough of them) will be returning as well. NCIS: Los Angeles returns Tuesday 20th September as well as regular NCIS returning Tuesday 20th September after the team found and killed Jonas Cobb, aka the Port-to-Port Killer. The Mentalist returns Thursday 22nd September to CBS. Law & Order: SVU kicks off Wednesday 21st September as well as Harry’s Law on NBC on the same date. Criminal Minds also returning on September 21st but on CBS. Think we are done for crime shows? Well we still have one last one on Friday 23rd September, CBS’s Blue Bloods returns for their second season.

Other noteworthy return dates:

90210 (CW) – Tuesday 13th September
Desperate Housewives (ABC) – Sunday 25th September
The Good Wife (CBS) – Sunday 25th September
Gossip Girl (CW) – Monday26th September
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Thursday 22nd September
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Monday 19th September
Nikita (CW) – Friday23rd September
Private Practice (ABC) – Thursday 29th September
Psych (USA) – October
Supernatural (CW) – Friday 23rd September

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