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Stephen Merchant is looking for love in LA in new HBO comedy ‘Hello Ladies’

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By Sam Bathe on 10 Sep 2013

Though his roles as the stereotypical Englishman in a number of recent Hollywood comedies haven’t been hugely successful, hopefully that’s about to change for Stephen Merchant. The co-creator of The Office comes to HBO for comedy series Hello Ladies, following his character as he looks for love in modern day LA. It’s a concept so open to stereotypes but given that Merchant co-created and will co-write the show alongside The Office US scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, plus HBO’s history in the genre, we can expect a witty take. Hello Ladies premieres Sunday 29th September on HBO.

Adam Samberg goes back to TV in Police comedy ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 4 Sep 2013

Though Adam Samberg film career has been patchy over the last couple of years – and hopefully he’ll never be dragged into doing another Adam Sandler movie again – projects like Celeste And Jesse Forever and his work on SNL prove he’s an undeniably talented actor. In Police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Samberg returns to the small screen as goony but gifted detective Jake Peralta. Used to playing around all day while still solving the crimes that are put on his plate, when a new captain takes charge of his precinct, things are about to change, and at last, Peralta might have to actually grow up. Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays on Fox, premiering September 17th.

Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris need saving from themselves in ‘We Need Help’

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 22 Aug 2013

One of a clutch of shows coming to Yahoo! on September 9th, We Need Help sees Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris team up as over-the-top versions of themselves. Needing a little help staying on top of it all, they hire struggling actor Max as their dual PA, only between the ridiculous jobs he’s given, trying to keep his integrity in tact and the two of them squabbling over his time, it’s not exactly the position he signed up for. We Need Help hits Yahoo! Screen on September 9th:

New faces join the already all-star cast for Boardwalk Empire: Season 4

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 18 Jul 2013

Getting a jump on the rest of the Fall shows, Boardwalk Empire returns for a fourth season on September 8th as Jeffrey Wright and Ron Livingston join Steve Buscemi, Michael Stuhlbarg, Stephen Graham and co. in the Prohibition underworld. The trailer teases its fair share of excitement, which given the trailers HBO put out for Game of Thrones, is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

All Bad things must come to an end on August 11th

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 5 Jun 2013

The final eight episode stretch of Breaking Bad must be one of the most anticipated entertainment events in television history. Some five and half years in the making Walt has turned from mousy high school teacher to a feared drug dealing kingpin, all unbeknownst to his brother, the police investigator who would be on his tale. This preview from AMC might not give anything away but fans won’t care, we just want to show back. Breaking Bad returns August 11th on AMC.

TV Trailer: Mind Games

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 30 May 2013

Third time lucky for Kyle Killen after Awake didn’t make it past the first season order and the brilliant Lone Star was cancelled after just two episodes thanks to low ratings, on Mind Games he’s perhaps wisely gone a little more mainstream. Steve Zahn and Christian Slater star as two brothers who run a problem solving firm based on psychological manipulation, only as one brother is a con-man, and the other suffering from bipolar disorder, there’s a little more to their proposition than first meets the eye. Mind Games premieres this fall on ABC.

TV Trailer: The Blacklist

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 23 May 2013

When one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives surrenders, he agrees to work with the organisation and bring down the world’s dangerous criminals and terrorists. However, he’ll only cooperate if he’s paired up with rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen. The Blacklist was created by Jon Bokenkamp while Hollywood Joe Carnahan directs the pilot and will debut this fall in a late Monday slot.

J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón team up for NBC’s ‘Believe’

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 21 May 2013

Coming in the throngs of a busy year for both J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón, the pair team up NBC’s Believe, a sci-fi drama about a young super-powered girl and the death row inmate broken out of jail to protect her. Cuarón wrote and directed the pilot while Abrams will serve as executive producer, hopefully the show goes beyond the clichéed, clunky dialogue found wanting in the trailer, though with the two big names behind it, I’m sure millions will tune in to watch Believe come the premiere later in the year.

Rebel Wilson takes on US TV with new ABC comedy ‘Super Fun Night’

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 16 May 2013

Co-created by Rebel Wilson and Conan O’Brien, Wilson stars as a junior attorney, who with her two flatmates, has stayed in every night for the last 13 years for ‘Friday Night Fun Night’, but when a colleague invites her out to his party, they start to break away from their routine for a new kind of fun. Super Fun Night premieres in the Fall, closing out ABC’s two-hour comedy block every Wednesday.

TV Trailer: Animal Practice

Posted in Here Comes the Fall, TV
By Sam Bathe on 21 Aug 2012

Animal Practice is HBO’s new Wednesday night comedy, set in a veterinary and starring a monkey you’ll have seen countless times in on the big screen. Tyler Labine helps out in the supporting cast, premiering September 26.

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