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Projecteo is an utterly cute and fantastically fun tiny projector for your Instagram shots

By Sam Bathe on 6 Aug 2013

After finding massive success on Kickstarter late last year, tiny Instagram projector Projecteo is now out in the wild. A matchbox-sized slide film projector, it couldn’t be simpler to make your first slide wheel, picking your favourite nine snaps from your Instagram account and then they’ll do the rest. Developed onto a single frame of 35mm Kodak film, the wheel slots into the Projecteo and you’re ready to go. Perfect for a holiday scrapbook, it brings back the days when your neighbour would pop over with their Rollei P35 and 1001 slides before talk you through each shot until the sun came up. Projecteo is available now from their website for $34.98 including a photo wheel, with further wheels just $8.99 each:

Scrabble Typography Edition

Posted in Design, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 19 Mar 2012

Though it’s an unofficial iteration from Winning Solutions rather than a Hasbro product, Scrabble Typography Edition is still a pretty amazing idea for the board game. Boasting a six-panel solid walnut magnetised gameboard, solid birch cover and solid walnut storage case with drawer, what you’d really be buying it for are the walnut tiles.

Ferocious Felt Lion Coat

Posted in Products, Style, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 20 Jun 2011

I’ve never more wanted to be a three-year-old than now. Possibly the coolest coat a toddler could own, with a lion head hood, claw tipped sleeves and yarn tail and mane, it’s made of a golden yellow wool blend and fully lined for extra warmth. They can do custom size arms too. If you’re quick, you can grab one on Etsy here.

Brunswick Gold Crown V Pool Table

Posted in Fun, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 9 Jun 2011

Making a mockery of the tiny pool table at your local pub, the Brunswick Gold Crown V pool table ($10,000) is one of the classiest ball players around. The fifth in the series, the retro styling features a rest, er, rest, with tighter pockets and longer rails to match pro-level regulations. Then pop a Table Tennis Conversion Top on it for just another $330, bring a own cooler and fix a big screen TV your the wall and you have the perfect playden.

DIY Big Chief Toys

Posted in Toys
By Sam Bathe on 28 Jan 2011

Vinyl toys are great and all, but boy are they expensive. Often closed box meaning you’ll end up with 20 spares just to complete the collection, you need a new tact; DIY. “Powered by glue, fold and cut”, print off the Big Chief set, then assemble yourself. Perfect.

Felt Army

Posted in Toys
By Sam Bathe on 28 Jul 2010

Felt Mistress makes some almighty cool toys.

Ballpark Classics

Posted in Fun, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 28 Jun 2010

Best. Baseball game. Ever. The Ballpark Classics MLB Baseball Game is about the best sports board game you’ll ever see. Yes, that includes Subbuteo. With a wooden case and felt field, it doesn’t come cheap (get ready to lay down $250 to get your hands on one) but it’s be worth every cent, kids optional.

The Grim (Vegetable) Reaper

Posted in Design, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 3 Jun 2010

The Carrot Slayer is the world’s first 100% vegetarian toy, or so Very Bravo say. Designed by Maruo Gatti.

All Dressed Up With No Where To Fly To

Posted in Toys
By Sam Bathe on 16 May 2010

Parra‘s vinyl toy of their logo is pretty cool, even if the high heels are a tad strange. Produced by Toykyo. Show the rest of this post…

Quick Fix Homer

Posted in Design, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 6 May 2010

Don’t play baseball? You should. With a Sam Bat. They look pretty cool too.

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