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Wibit Sports Park 60

Posted in Fun, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 14 Jul 2012

It’s no overestimation to say that Wibit’s Sports Park 60 is my dream day’s entertainment while on a beach holiday. Allowing owners to set up their own family Wipeout competition, the massive inflatable structure spans roughly 130′ by 105′ and uses three electric pumps to inflate in just three hours; curved bridge, cliff, slide, long jump, junction, swing, balance beam, pond, winner’s podium and “action tower” all included. Where do we sign?

Secret Passageway Switch

Posted in Design, Fun
By Sam Bathe on 1 Dec 2011

Though you should probably use it for something a little more James Bond than turning a lamp on and off like in the image above, the Secret Passageway Switch is a hidden, book-operated power switch that you can hook up for any purpose. They’re available for just $50, a bargain I’m sure you’ll agree. Revolving bookcase sold separately.

How To Write Like An Architect

Posted in Architecture, Fun
By Sam Bathe on 11 Aug 2011

Architects are cool, there’s no two ways about it. And not even just because Ted Mosby’s an architect, though that certainly helps too. So why not learn to write like one; worst comes to the worst, you could then pretend to be one when picking up girls, drawing board and all. That, or actually design a few buildings then get them built.

Receipt Racer

Posted in Fun, Games
By Sam Bathe on 1 Aug 2011

A collaboration between undef and Joshua Noble, Receipt Racer somehow looks almost as fun as some next-gen platformers, or at least those iOS. And there’s no impossibly frustrating touchscreen controls! A win, for sure.

Short Film: The Twins

Posted in Fun, Short Films, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 25 Jul 2011

Filmed, edited and directed by Ty Evans, it makes you a little sick how good these two kids are at skating. Mark our words, when the fixee craze is over (though that might still be for some time yet), it’ll be back to these four wheels.

Six Word Stories

Posted in Art, Books, Fun, Illustration
By Sam Bathe on 9 Jul 2011

Six word stories have gone a little viral of late, though SWSED (Six Work Story Every Day) have been collated a bunch for quite a while. And coupled with some sumptuous illustrations, they’re even more compelling.

Chalk-It-To-Me Piggy Bank

Posted in Design, Fun
By Sam Bathe on 5 Jul 2011

If you’re really hoping to save $401k in a piggy bank, then you have me impressed, but I somewhat doubt that much currency will fit in this offering. For everyone else, you can scrall something else on its hefty better. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s Chalk-It-To-Me has even got a little swirly tail too, from a limited run of just 100 editions.

Good Versus Evil Fusbol Table

Posted in Design, Fun, Sport
By Sam Bathe on 28 Jun 2011

Manufactured by Edinburgh-based The Eleven Forty Company their Good Versus Evil table football table features a hand-crafted, lacquer-finished maple wood cabinet, toughened frosted UV etched glass pitch, 6 balls (3 different types for different game play), but more importantly, an XI on XI match-up that pits Santa, Bobby Moore, Flash Gordon, Christopher Robin, and God against Lucifer, Jack The Ripper, Vlad The Impaler and Hitler. Only 20 of them are available, so I’d snap one up fast (for £17,400) if you want to take part in the ultimate football face-off.

Donic Schildkröt CarboTec 100 Table Tennis Bat

Posted in Design, Fun
By Sam Bathe on 11 Jun 2011

If there’s been something missing from the ITTF World Tour, it’s been carbon fiber bats. Primed to take table tennis by storm, Donic Schildkröt‘s CarboTec 100 table tennis paddle is made from, you guessed it, carbon fiber, employing ultra-versatile and super lighweight material to help you knock up faster shots and better control. Though they might be overkill for pretty much 100% of ping pong matches you’ll play in a lifetime.

Brunswick Gold Crown V Pool Table

Posted in Fun, Toys
By Sam Bathe on 9 Jun 2011

Making a mockery of the tiny pool table at your local pub, the Brunswick Gold Crown V pool table ($10,000) is one of the classiest ball players around. The fifth in the series, the retro styling features a rest, er, rest, with tighter pockets and longer rails to match pro-level regulations. Then pop a Table Tennis Conversion Top on it for just another $330, bring a own cooler and fix a big screen TV your the wall and you have the perfect playden.

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