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Build your own sailboat with Balmain’s DIY boating kit

Posted in Boats, Design, Travel
By Sam Bathe on 31 Jul 2013

While it might not be the yacht you’ve dreamt of cruising around the Caribbean in this summer, Balmain’s DIY Sailboat Kit is a pretty exciting weekend project to get you on the way. Including everything you need to make your very own sailboat, the kits comes with prepared wood, hardware, sealant, and glue, plus a sail, ropes, mast, boom, and gaff. For those who haven’t build a boat before (ie. you) there’s obviously a step-by-step guide in the box with detailed construction notes to walk you through each step of the process, you’ll just need a fairly well stocked toolbox, some aquatic paint and a fair amount of elbow grease. Maybe a lake nearby to take it out for a testdrive too. The DIY Sailboat Kit is for sale on the Balmain website for $2,899:

Kat Gardiner explores the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry

Posted in Boats, Design, Short Films
By Sam Bathe on 30 Apr 2013

“Wiser people than I have said men build boats because they can’t have babies,” Kat Gardiner‘s wonderful documentary, Shaped on all Six Sides, profiles effortlessly endearing boatbuilder Andy Stewart as he talks about his family history of boat building and what it means to craft and repair his beloved seafarers.

Watch more of Kat Gardiner’s films on her site:

Black Fiberglass Sailing Canoe

Posted in Boats, Design
By Sam Bathe on 26 Jun 2011

An ultra-limited edition of just five pieces, Caillou‘s Black Fiberglass Sailing Canoe is quite simply one of the finest and most stylish ways to get around on flat waters. Offering easy of function and handling, with or without the stowable sailing rig, the beautiful kayak is perfect to set upon a deserted coastine, romantic dinner in town; even moor her up and return home the next morning. It’s light too, so you can transport your Caillou atop a car, without the need for a trailer. The Black Fiberglass Sailing Canoe is yours for £5,580, exclusively for sale on 20ltd.

Firmship Boat

Posted in Boats, Design
By Sam Bathe on 21 Jun 2011

For sale at a smooth €329,000, the Firmship draws memories of a classic ’70s style, though you probably need to live in the Riviera to really look the part. They come two-tone with foldable deck furniture, fully fitted lower deck for a few nights on the surf, kitchen, kingsize bed and queensize sofabed in tow, a galvanised anchor and GPS with autopilot. The six-cylinder Perkins engine sure packs a punch too. When do we set sail?

Aquariva Boat

Posted in Boats, Design
By Sam Bathe on 29 Dec 2010

Partnering with boat manufacturers Riva, Marc Newson‘s Aquariva is a work of art. Limited to just 22 units, the speedboat is exclusive even in boating circles, and available through the Gagosian Gallery. Show the rest of this post…

Houseboat, Hamburg

Posted in Architecture, Boats
By Sam Bathe on 27 Dec 2010

Designed by German architects Rost Niderehe, their amazing boat takes up harbour in Hamburg on the Eilbek-canal. With a total living space of 110 m², divided between the upper deck and lower deck, Houseboat also boasts a 80m² terrace and a view that, if you heart so desired, you could change on a regular basis, tugboat pending. Show the rest of this post…

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