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Track Of The Week: ‘Deadly Sin’ By Shy Nature

By Eva Alex Liu on 17 Apr 2013

Deadly Sin is an exhilarating introduction from new North London five-piece Shy Nature. Show the rest of this post…

The track’s bare intro swiftly builds into three minutes of accelerating rock and roll as frontman William spearheads the energy with a burgeoning story of a broken home atop fuzz guitars and biting drums. This marriage of bleak lyrics with sanguine music is reminiscent of classic 1960′s songwriting akin to Gerry Gofffin and Carole King. Produced and mixed at the band’s home studio by Luciano Rossi, the summery track will pervade your bones with an unrequited desire to hear more from one of London’s most exciting new bands.

Shy Nature make their live debut on May 17th at our clubnight Friday Night Fist Fight at the Old Blue Last

Gig Watch: The Recusants

By Martin Roberts on 26 Feb 2011

If you have a free night tonight, head on down to the Barfly in Camden to check out one of London’s most exciting upcoming bands, The Recusants. Show the rest of this post…

We’ve seen them a few times now and we’re gonna be checking them out again this evening, where they’ll be celebrating the release of their new single ‘The Dane’ – check it out below if you still need convincing.

Music Video: ‘Holidays’ By Miami Horror

By Sam Bathe on 21 Jan 2011

We love Miami Horror, so when they made a video for Holidays, it was pretty much a shoe-in we’d love it too. Although it’s a little weirder than we were expecting.

Free Download: ‘Fantasy Violence’ By Poor Spirits

Posted in Music, New Bands
By Sam Bathe on 15 Jan 2011

In FTF #38 we managed to track down amazing new Long Beach duo Poor Spirits. A tricky task as, back then, they had no MySpace, website or fan page on Facebook. Well they’ve got a site now at least, but more importantly, a second EP. And you can download it for free here.

Music Video: ‘Luv Deluxe’ By Cinnamon Chasers

By Sam Bathe on 22 Dec 2010

Winner of Best Music Video at SXSW 2010, Saman Keshavarz directs this amazing video for up and comers Cinnamon Chasers, set for a big 2011 themselves.

Music Video: ‘Where Is That Ghost’ By Poor Spirits

By Sam Bathe on 4 Dec 2010

Our current music obsession, Poor Spirits, just put out a video for track Where Is The Ghost. It’s amazing, just like their EP, which you can download for free here.

Listen To More… Tanlines

By Sam Bathe on 20 Nov 2010

Releasing their Settings EP earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim, Brooklynites Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm have been forming bands for as long as they can remember, but at last in Tanlines, seem to have really found a direction that hits. Their tropical guitar, percussion and synth-pop has influences in dance music and genres much further afield, certainly not restricted to the, albeit experiemental, urban New York streets.

Now prepping compilation album Volume On, before a debut studio album will hit some time next year, the 2-CD package features a host of EPs, compilation tracks, long deleted singles, remixes and never before heard songs. Touring the UK in early December, you can listen to more Tanlines here.

Music Video: ‘South Pacific’ By Is Tropical

By Sam Bathe on 25 Oct 2010

Is Tropical are Kitsuné’s big hope for 2011, so you can already assume that they’re good. The slow-burn, slightly gothic electro is infectious and this video directed by Gareth Phillips is equally great. Get ready for them to do major things next year.

Music Video: ‘Lifted’ By Lemonade

By Sam Bathe on 14 Oct 2010

San Fran-based Lemonade formed back in 2005 but it hasn’t been until recently that they really started to break through. Wowing crowds at this year’s SXSW, expect them to take 2011 by storm, 6 years overdue.

Music Video: ‘Short And Entertaining’ By Jamaica

By Sam Bathe on 16 Sep 2010

Jamaica are one of the hottest new bands at the moment, so get ready for them to really blow up in 2011. For now though, their stuff isn’t half bad either.

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