The Kyteman Orchestra

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By Sam Bathe on 12 Jun 2012

If they were called The Colin Benders Orchestra, this 18-strong Dutch band might not be getting so much attention. Luckily going by the stage name of Kyteman, hence The Kyteman Orchestra, Benders’ latest project is the culmination of a near lifetime in music, one with which he seems to have found real traction.

Attending music school from the age of 12, he quit in his mid-teens to tour with numerous bands, and was playing at festivals worldwide by 16, composing and produced his own debut, which was released in 2009. Described as a mix of hip-hop and jazz, it hit number five in the Dutch charts, charting for more than two years.

Founding Kyteman’s Hip-hop Orchestra to tour the music live, Benders won awards galore, playing a heap of festivals off his own creations, but soon wanted to move in another direction. Forming Kytopia, an industrial studio complex where he and other musicians can live, write and record together.

The thrill of the road, however, was too much fun to leave behind, and bringing the old gang back together, plus a few new faces, to form The Kyteman Orchestra, we’re brought up to the present. Their Kytopia-recorded self-titled new album was released back in March. The Kyteman Orchestra brings in elements of electro, drum and bass and minimalism to their original sound, which they’re luckily touring in 2012.

Playing their first show in the UK at London’s Islington 02 Academy tomorrow night (June 13th), don’t miss the chance to see The Kyteman Orchestra in such a small venue while you still can. Tickets here.

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