Final Fantasy No Longer Exclusive…

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By Martin Roberts on 16 Jul 2008

Big news from E3 for all Xbox360 owning RPG fans – Final Fantasy is no longer Sony’s own.

Microsoft announced in their E3 conference that the series’ latest incarnation Final Fantasy XIII – and presumably further releases from then onwards – is to be released on their flagship system on the same day that it arrives on the PS3, whenever that may be.

No doubt this will annoy some Playstation 3 owners, many of whom – given the PS3′s late arrival and the 360′s head start in the popularity stakes – rightly coveted the few exclusive titles left to them. Although it is definately a loss to Sony’s forthcoming exclusivity line-up, titles such as Gran Turismo 5, the recently announced God of War III and the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 4 will keep the system running smoothly.

Having announced earlier in the year some disappointing profit margins, it is no real surprise that Square Enix has gone where the money is. Let us not forget that Final Fantasy was once Nintendo exclusive, until Sony moved in with the original Playstation. The debates will rage as to whether this move was a good thing or not, but thought about in the simplest terms it really makes little difference to gamers; the PS3 will still sell millions of copies of FF, Sqaure will make additional profit from 360 sales of the game, and both PS3 and 360 owners will have the chance to play the next sprawling epic in the Final Fantasy saga.

Who loses, really?

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