E3 2009 Sony Overview

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By Dan Hopchet on 2 Jun 2009

For Sony’s conference at 2009′s E3 event, they had many different details to share. Some statistics about how people are buying PS3s seems kind of defensive but still valid points. More details were giving about MAG, which is impressive when sheer numbers are concerned, and a graphics push can only improve PSN online presence.

The presence was certainly felt by Uncharted, PS3′s greatest success so far. The sequal now boasts advanced gameplay as well as an impressive multi-player which seems the logical next step after what Uncharted 1 and MGOnline did. Home was given some updates as well, but nothing anyone cares about. And Microsoft got to talk about the all-systems game Modern Warfare 2, so Sony got to pimp out Assassin’s Creed 2, looking very gorgeous. More huge software surprizes included Final Fantasy XIV Online, ModNation Racers, The Last Guardian, DCUniverse Online, Lost Planet 2, Gran Turisom 5, Agent, God of War 3, and it was all topped of with Sony’s own motion-controller. Most of their annoncements were for next year unfortunately, but certainly some big names dropped to stir up some excitement and many of them were PS3 exclusive, which is what Sony needs right now, reasons to buy a PS3 over the “other two.” Little Big Planet was also talked about having Disney content to be added, which is exciting for any LPB players (like myself) who drool over how often new content gets dropped for that game.

For the PSP, the colour pink was announced as well as a Hannah Montana bundle. Ha. But seriously, the PSP Go was confirmed after Sony was trying so hard to hide the online leak last weak of official shots. Resident Evil Portable, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Little Big Planet PSP, a new Jak & Daxter, and Gran Turismo was talked about as well, but with very little new visuals to show at all. A lot of successful PSN work games are getting PSP ports though, which does show Sony’s acceptance of “cloud” gaming. And even though Sony is losing a lot of its platform exclusives due to Xbox’s large market control and the recession forcing game developers and creators to get as large an audience as possible, they still milk their older exclusives. Case-in-point: Final Fantasy VII coming to the PSN. A long awaited digital re-release of the very popular PSOne game.

By the end of the presentation there certainly was some “oomph” to what Sony had to sell, and though (again!), a lot of their games had release dates too far in the future to not be skeptical about, the PS horizone looks sunny.

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