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By Sam Bathe on 27 Oct 2008

Flood review

Robert Carlyle stars as torrential storms and an abnormal high tide cause flooding across London. Battling to save the capital’s population from a watery nightmare, Carlyle and a team of weather experts strive to minimise damage and save the lives of millions. Despite being pumped full of action and Flood resorts to one long race against time to battle the impending water, as narrations goes lacking from the start. Londoners will find a lot of joy in picking out the city’s famous landmarks but this low budget Brit flick feels unsatisfying.

Film 2/5 Extras 4/5

Fonejacker Season 2

Channel 4’s hilarious comedy show returns for a second series as the Fonejacker continues to terrorise the nation with his prank calls. All the characters are back from the first season although the obvious budget increase has, if anything, detracted from the previous simple and effective layout.

Still Fonejacker remains a standout from the new British comedy scene, and season 2 is a must have for fans of the show’s debut.

Show 3/5 Extras 3/5

The Colour of Magic

Adapting the first two books from Terry Pratchett’s much loved Discworld series, The Colour of Magic follows inept wizard Rincewald as he resorts to life as a local guide after a failed education. Rincewald is soon drawn into a huge quest that sees him travel across a fantasy world of mystical creatures and horrific enemies. Very well cast, with David Jason leading the line, The Colour of Magic will be a joy for fans of the book, though the script and direction is a little wanting.

Film 3/5 Extras 4/5

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