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By Michael Ramey on 12 Aug 2011

There are many of our favourite television shows returning for the fall season. Although two of those shows will be returning without the lead actors we have come to love. The first one is the hit show Two And A Half Men returning without the “winning” Charlie Sheen. Ashton Kutcher has taken the lead role after Sheen went on many rants on show’s creator Chuck Lorre. Even though Lorre can’t take his frustration out on Sheen, he will be taking his frustration out on his character Charlie Harper. It is said that the show will be killing off the character and in a very violent way. The show will begin with Charlie’s funeral with many guest stars appearing to bid their farewells.

The Office will be returning this year for its eighth season without dumbfounded boss Michael Scott played by Steve Carell. Season seven ended with a tearful goodbye to Carell, while also teasing who would be the new boss of the office. Big names like Jim Carrey, and Will Ferrell were rumoured to be taking over, even Ricky Gervais, the show’s creator.  Now it seems that James Spader will be replacing Carell. In my opinion that isn’t the best choice, but we will have to see the first episode on Thursday September 22nd.

The very funny The Big Bang Theory is returning Thursday September 22nd as well. We left off the show with Leonard’s girlfriend Priya heading back home to India. But the biggest twist of the show was Penny sleeping with Raj after downing a few too many drinks. The premiere should show the repercussions of Penny and Raj’s night together. Overall it should be another great season.

NBC’s Chuck ended with Morgan begin zapped with the techno hot flashes after wearing some sunglasses labelled “For Chuck”. Also, newlyweds Chuck and Sarah bought their version of a dream home. When it premiere’s on Friday, October 21st we will be introduced to a new villain played by Star Wars legend Mark Hamill. Chuck has to keep Morgan in line, while trying to run his spy agency without the perks of working with the CIA. Making his task more difficult is the rival Verbanski Corp, run by the beautiful yet ruthless Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie Anne-Moss). If you are a chuck fan you will not want to miss this season.

One of my personal favourite shows Community will be back for a third season. The season ended with the gang turning their backs on Pierce in the two-part, paintball-themed finale, he walked out of the library, vowing to go it alone. Shirley’s baby was born, and luckily, Chang was not the father. If you like Chevy Chase’s character Pierce don’t worry he isn’t going anywhere.  “I want to learn more about the character and continue to play games with the audience that allow them to answer that question of why would anybody hang out with this guy” creator Dan Harmon says. When the study group reunites on Thursday September 22nd they will face off with an intense biology professor just released from prison played by The Wire’s Michael K. Williams. John Goodman will also guest-star as the dean of Greendale’s world-renowned air- conditioning repair school. If you have never seen this show you really need to check it out.

Gleeks will be happy to know Glee is returning Wednesday, September 21st.  The end saw New Direction losing the big competition yet again. Finn and Rachel are back on, Blaine said those three magic words to Kurt, Sam and Mercedes held hands, and Sue has made her peace (for now) with the glee club. Apparently Sam will not be returning to the show, but Mercedes is still going to return this fall with a new boyfriend. While Sue will take her beef with glee clubs to the nation as she runs for Congress on a “no arts” platform. Also a few characters will be graduating this year.

Last year’s season premiere of How I Met Your Mother began with an unknown character getting married. Then at the finale we found out that the womanizing Barney is finally settling down and getting married. But who was he marrying Nora, Robin, or some other mystery woman? Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily finally get pregnant, and Ted still hasn’t met his soul mate. The show promises to reveal who Barney marries by the end of the season. Martin Short joins the cast as Marshall’s new boss as well as Kal Penn who starts dating Robin. It is shaping up to be a great seventh season for How I Met Your Mother.

Who hasn’t seen at least one episode of Modern Family with such a great cast you are bound to get some laughs. The show ended with Alex graduating middle school and Phil and Claire realized their children are growing up fast. Jay’s disastrous birthday party made Cam and Mitchell consider adopting another child. Their current daughter may be speaking at the start of the new season, as the show is recasting Lily with an older child actor. Also the entire family will be going on another vacation together at a dude ranch. Modern Family premieres Wednesday, September 21st.

Other great comedies returning to television this fall is the hilarious mockumentary style comedy Parks and Recreation starring Saturday Night Live alumni Amy Poehler. Another SNL alumni Tina Fey and her show 30 Rock will also be returning to NBC this fall. Speaking of Saturday Night Live it is returning with the entire cast of last year and will premiere with Alec Baldwin hosting.

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