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By Sam Bathe on 17 Sep 2009

The Soft Pack

Now infamously performing under the name The Soft Pack, you might know the San Diego four-piece from their former moniker. Called The Muslims until late last year, the band grew tired of the ignorant and frequently racists comments thrown their way during shows and interviews to the point they had to turn over a new leaf.

While new name doesn’t quite pack the same punch, and some sections of the media have criticesed them for the switch, if it allows them to really take the next step with their music and forget about the unfounded trouble their former name brought them, who are onlookers to question their motives.

Now based in Los Angeles, The Soft Pack are part of a new wave of surf rock band popping up in California. We’ve already brought you the wonderful Tijuana Panthers, although if anything The Soft Pack are a step ahead of their fellow friends.

With a couple of nationwide US tours under their belts and dates with Franz Ferdinand, White Lies and Friendly Fires earlier this year, it’s no surprise The Soft Pack roused a wave of hype behind debut 10 song ‘The Muslims EP’ and more recently their ‘Extinction’ EP, and have become one of a select few already tipped for big things in 2010.

Their music is stripped down; ragged and rough, like a lot of the recent lo-fi bands fed-up with the over-produced pop that is flooding the mainstream. Their early material lacks that couple of signature riffs to really set them alight but newer songs are turning the tide for a more complete and a little less meandering style. Slated for a release in the spring, The Soft Pack’s debut album is rumoured to have been written and recorded for a few months now, although there’s nothing yet on a title or album art, but whatever their plans the future for The Soft Pack is looking very bright indeed.

Listen to more The Soft Pack here.

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