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Richard Gilligan captures the love that goes into make-shift skateparks

Posted in Art, Photography, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 26 Jun 2013

After putting down his skateboard in favour of a camera, for the last five years Richard Gilligan has been documenting the fascinating world of make-shift skateparks by and ever-resourceful bunch of skaters, in the absence of little help from local government. Rather than sitting around complaining, the time and effort people will put in so they can do what they enjoy is so impressive. Show the rest of this post…

Short Film: Brave

Posted in Short Films, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 24 Jan 2013

Blind since the age of two, 15-year-old skater Tommy Carroll has been on a board since the age of 10. Losing sight in both eyes to bilateral retinoblastoma, Tommy relies on a highly developed sense of hearing to pick up the sound of his wheels on the ground to tell what might be ahead. It’s a quite remarkable story, in life, anything is possible.

Short Film: QUIK

Posted in Short Films, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 29 Oct 2012

Shot exclusively on the streets of Los Angeles, QUIK is a collaborative project between The Berrics and Quicksilver, directed by Colin Kennedy, and opens your eyes wide to the amazing world of street skating. Captured entirely from a moving vehicle, the film follows skater-extraordinaire Austyn Gillette. Music is by the great We Barbarians.

Behind The Scenes: DL Skateboards

Posted in Skating
By Sam Bathe on 28 Jul 2012

Artisan food, apparel, even furniture, is a fairly common sight across the world today, with nowhere more bustling than the streets of Brooklyn, NY. But alongside the pickles and smoked meat, Greenpoint’s DL Skateboards offer one of the more original proposition, handmaking custom skate decks on the sidewalk in their retrofitted box truck. Cool Hunting tracked them down before they make the move to California. Their work is simply gorgeous.

James Perse Skateboards

Posted in Skating
By Sam Bathe on 28 Mar 2012

What was most striking when we were in New York a couple of weeks ago, is just how popular longboards have become, though it’s trend-setter James Perse who is really laying down marker. Styled after vintage 70′s skate decks, James Perse’s Limited Edition Skateboards are made with solid walnut planks, accented by wenge strips for stability and high performance trucks for speed and performance. Manhattan streets won’t know what’s hit them.

Short Film: A Week In Paris

Posted in Art, Short Films, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 21 Sep 2011

Presented by éS, Hold Tight Films’ Henry Edwards-Wood directs John Tanner as he spends a week skating Paris.

Short Film: The Twins

Posted in Fun, Short Films, Skating
By Sam Bathe on 25 Jul 2011

Filmed, edited and directed by Ty Evans, it makes you a little sick how good these two kids are at skating. Mark our words, when the fixee craze is over (though that might still be for some time yet), it’ll be back to these four wheels.

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