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By Sam Bathe on 27 Apr 2014

You might have noticed FAN THE FIRE is looking a little different. We’ve grown up after a few years since our 2.0 design but there’s a lot going on under the surface and behind the scenes too.

Our refreshed look is lighter and cleaner with smarter typography across the whole site. The palette carries over from the magazine, while posts have become more visual with image pullouts from music videos and film trailers. There are lots of little touches and easter eggs like the fan loader on the unlimited scroll too.

Responsive build
The new design is fully responsive and the site will resize and reformat depending on your screen size and device without losing any of the functionality.

Editorial direction
We will be refocusing the editorial direction of the site, and though the changes will quite subtle, the content is going to be more engaging and grown-up. Expect to see fewer fashion shoots, more products, more design and more travel.

Reading the posts
‘After the jump’ doesn’t exist on the site any more. You’ll still see the traditional text prompting you to click to read the rest of the story, but that content now opens inline so there’s no need to load your reading list in a heap of new tabs, instead enjoy the content as you come to it. When you read the bottom of the page too, new posts will automatically load in, without having to click a button.

The London List
We soft-launched our travel column The London List last year but now it’s one of the main parts of the site and available from its own domain too (www.thelondonli.st). Featuring events, hotels, restaurants, shops and more of our favourites in London, it also incorporates city guides from much further afield. With destinations from across the globe and many more to be added in the coming months, the little green badge denotes each London List post, which you can click to go through the main London List.

You’ll notice different badge by some of the film and music reviews too. For those releases which score 4/5 or more, they come with a seal of approval that links through to an index of all of our top picks.

Finally, the magazine will be back. It’s coming up to two years now since that last issue, but it’ll be back in the summer as a quarterly publication. Though the blog has taken an obvious precedence, the magazine is still very important in our minds, and there’ll be a few surprises in store come our next release.

There are a couple of things we’re still tidying up but we’re pretty thrilled with how the new site is looking and performing so far. Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook and most importantly, enjoy FAN THE FIRE 3.0.

FAN THE FIRE is a digital magazine about lifestyle and creative culture. Launching back in 2005 as a digital publication about Sony’s PSP handheld games console, we’ve grown and evolved now covering the arts and lifestyle, architecture, design and travel.

We’ve been featured on the front page of Reddit and produced off-shoot club night Friday Night Fist Fight, launched a Creative Agency and events column The London List.

FAN THE FIRE is edited by founder, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief, Sam Bathe. Site by FAN THE FIRE Creative.

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