Hot Apps: Eliss & Drop7

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By Sam Bathe on 23 Apr 2009

The iPhone might be some way off replicating the gaming experience of the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, never mind home consoles, but in terms of creativity for five minute on-the-go sessions, at the moment, there’s nothing better. After the LocoRoco clone Rolando, imaginative titles like Sway and Zen Bound and the hugely addictive Flight Control, bedroom coders are making a fortune off a great idea, and a few sleepless nights of coding. And credit to Apple for giving them the chance.

With graphics to make any fan of Rez jump for joy, Eliss (video above) is quickly becoming on of the most hyped games on the platform.

In effect a simple planet creation game, you are required to join and split emerging planets before turning them into supernovas. Planets are colour coded and if different colours touch each other you’ll lose health, with pesky black holes further adding to your worries. And after a few level, Eliss gets surprisingly hard, though never waning in quality or inspiration.

You can download Eliss from the iTunes app store here. It’s £2.39, but worth every penny.

Mixing the puzzle ideas behind SuDoku, Connect4 and Tetris, Drop7 (below) is a brilliant new puzzle game. Based on a grid, you have to the discs, attempting to match up the number of discs in that row or column to the number on the disc. If your successful the discs will break, and shatter any grey concealed discs in the surrounding.

At £1.79 you’ll easily get your money’s worth from the App store here.

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