Trailers Galore At American Football’s Night Of The Year

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By Martin Roberts on 9 Feb 2011

The Superbowl has become about more than just (American) football over the years. Over time it has become, amongst other things, a great place to get a first glimpse of the biggest upcoming movie projects, and this year was no different. They’re more teasers than anything, but here is a selection of the best.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The big one. Probably the most anticipated teaser of the lot (bar perhaps Super 8) Captain America’s first footage set the internet ablaze in fevered discussion, most of which, thankfully, appears to be positive. CGI-skinny Chris Evans? Check. First glimpse of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull? Check. For me, Cap has always been the more exciting film prospect than Thor (see below) and this trailer thankfully makes it official: Captain America looks better.


That said, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor isn’t going anywhere, and there is talent involved here, so we shouldn’t dismiss it too quickly. Not all of the footage is new, and we barely get a look at Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, so it’s difficult to form any new opinions given that the full length trailer has been out for a while.

Super 8

The other big one. Buzz is building around J.J. Abrams’ homage to Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi pictures of the 70s and 80s, and Super 8 is looking pretty exciting. Fans have been waiting seemingly forever to get another look at this one, and this teaser promises much but explains little – just the way it should be.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Johnny Depp’s fourth outing as Captain Jack Sparrow is looking exactly as we might have expected. The tone is right on with that of the original trilogy, and to be honest most of the jokes in this trailer are recycled. That said, it looks piratey enough and will probably satisfy those who haven’t had enough yet.

Battle: Los Angeles

This is perhaps not as well known as the films above, though it is likewise a huge-budget-blockbuster. It is also the closest to a full release. We’ve seen a fair amount of footage from Battle: LA at this point, and this teasers offers little genuinely new information, but is exciting nonetheless, and shows off more of the film’s rugged, realistic aesthetic as aliens destroy the earth.

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