Trailer Round-Up: Green Lantern, Conan 3-D And Columbiana

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By Martin Roberts on 6 May 2011

Three new trailers have hit the web, and the silver screen, this week, in what’s hotting up to be a very busy summer. Firstly, the second (and final) full trailer for Green Lantern. DC’s attempt to keep up with Marvel (who are releasing three massive films this year, the first of which – Thor – already looks to be doing good business), Green Lantern has got a heavy weight on its shoulders, but is it up to scratch? Frankly, we still have our doubts. It looks epic in scale, sure, but doesn’t that mask just look completely off? Doesn’t that mini-gun look weightless and silly? Still, Ryan Reynolds seems to be game for it and there’s good source material to be pillaged – hopefully DC will get it right.

Conan 3-D, which teased with a short (and unimpressive) trailer some time ago, now at last has the full theatrical treatment too. This at least shows off a lot more of what we can expect, with plenty of sword-swinging action in what is looking like a fairly well-realised fantasy world. It’s a reboot that we surely didn’t need, but it could be a lot of fun, despite what will surely prove to be a pointless third dimension.

If anything Columbiana looks the most exciting of the three. The latest attempt from Luc Besson to ruin a once stellar reputation, he’s producing and co-wrote, leaving directorial duties to Olivier Megaton (Transporter 3). It’s got flashes of La Femme Nikita about it, which is only a good thing, and Zoe Saldana is always a watchable on-screen presence, so hopefully this will turn out as more than just another picture of the Besson thriller gravy train.

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