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By Sam Bathe on 7 May 2010

First things first, get ready for this to be taken down by Paramount so check out the trailer while you can (UPDATE: Trailer now officially release, HD version embedded). Secondly, wow.

Just like he did with the teaser for Cloverfield a couple of years back, J.J. Abrams has again proved the master of suspense, knowing how to create the perfect trailer to wet your lips. His new, and top secret, film, Super 8, has a teaser trailer attached to Iron Man 2 in the States, much like Cloverfield was with Transformers. We knew absolutely nothing about Cloverfield back then but there are some details bouncing around online about Super 8 which suggest we’re in store for another stormer from Abrams.

Much like with Cloverfield, expect another online viral campaign. There’s monsters in Super 8, or at least something that can punch its way out of a train carriage, and Abrams will be teasing details right up until release day, without ever really telling you anything at all. One thing this isn’t though, is a Cloverfield sequel or prequel. Abrams also writes and directs, where as for the latter he just produced. Producing instead is co-handled by Steven Spielberg, Bryan Burk and the man himself, so for LOST fans, or in fact just film fans in general, it’s one hell of a behind the scenes team.

Just today Mission Impossible 4 was moved from it’s May 27th, 2011, release date, and Super 8 has been tipped to fill the void, so you’ve got around a year to wait for this one to hit screens. When it does though, expect something akin to the title, shot with a style that fits the 1979 setting, an homage to Spielberg’s Amblin films Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and of course E.T..

So we’ve got the trailer, why isn’t it coming out for another year or so? Well the trailer was apparently shot independently from the film around a month ago, in fact, principal photography isn’t scheduled to begin until this Fall, according to Variety, with a budget of around $50m. And that’s about all we know for now, so just sit back, and prepare to be excited.

Let the speculation and viral marketing begin…

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