Film Review: Results

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By Martin Roberts on 26 May 2015

Results is an indie comedy from writer and director Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha) centring ostensibly on Danny (Kevin Corrigan), who is looking to get fit after a divorce, although its actual protagonists turn out to be Trevor (Guy Pearce), the gym owner whose establishment Danny joins, and his ex-lover Kat (Cobie Smulders), the fitness trainer who begins to work with Danny.

The film feels small, and I do not use the word wholly as a criticism. Its focus is refined, and it deals with the interactions primarily between its main three characters. There’s support from Giovanni Ribisi in a small role, and Anthony Michael Hall in an even smaller one, but really it’s a three-header.

‘Small’ also applies to the film’s ambitions, and again that isn’t necessarily a criticism. Bujalski lets his story runs its course in a relaxed fashion – the degree to which anything really progresses or changes is minimal. This isn’t a problem while the film is on – its three leads, in particular the mercurial and ever-charismatic Guy Pearce, are on good form – but when it finishes, you feel like it ought to have done something a little more memorable with the setup. The film is a good watch, and is well acted, but it won’t stick long in the mind.

The story takes a slightly odd turn towards the end, and to a degree the film squanders the sympathy it builds up for Danny in opening third, but that said Results is not without nice touches, and will raise a sm ile more than a few times. Guy Pearce’s slightly off-kilter performance as philosophy-driven Trevor is worth a look, but the film as a whole can’t make quite the same impression.


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