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By Sam Bathe on 19 Apr 2013

Having just battled through the toughest time in her life to beat cancer, Ida (Dyrholm) returns home to find her husband, Leif, cheating with his secretary. But with their daughter about to get married in an isolated Italian villa, with everyone flying in to celebrate, there’s not a moment to get any respite.

Literally bumping into the father of the groom, Philip (Brosnan), in the airport car park, things somehow contrive to get even more complicated. When Leif turns up with his mistress and pre-wedding jitters appear more serious than your average cold feet, only striking a relationship up with Philip gets her through the weekend, as a couple of days of madness looks like it’ll never ease up.

An engaging and refreshing rom-com for slightly older audiences, Love Is All You Need is fantastically different to the samey genre films the Hollywood machine churns out year-on-year. The warm glow of the Italian countryside spills out into the audience as the enticing undertones of the script suck you in. Brosnan and Dyrholm share real chemistry and bring an honest charm to the movie; tender moments are given time to develop while the double-crossing strikes equally deep.

Though it’s all a little predictable it’s so easy to be entranced you won’t care. The two central characters are endearing and heartfelt as one is laid open and looking for someone to really care about her, while the other  is clamped shut after years of singledom and a one-track business mind. Even if it’s flawed by a few obvious clichés, Love Is All You Need still comes highly recommended.


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