Don’t Open That Door, There’s A Serial Killer Inside

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By Sam Bathe on 8 Oct 2010

With The Collector out to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday 18th October, and the hoard of horror remakes popping up left, right and centre, where do the original bad guys date back to? And why were they so much scarier with low-tech practical effects rather than CGI?

Back when you were young, the slashers in every slasher film where so much scarier than today, maybe because we should haven’t been watching them so young, but mainly because they felt so gruesome. The villains were not only know for their backstories, famous scenes and killer quotes, but their aesthetic trademarks. Everybody knows Freddy Krueger, one of the most iconic character in film, even if they haven’t seen Nightmare On Elm Street, it’s for his stripy jumper and somewhat knifey hand. It’s the same for Pinhead from Hellraiser to.

Freddy is part of a holy trinity of killers, taking in Michael Myers from Halloween and Jason Vorhees from Friday The 13th. Unlike Krueger though, that latter wear masks, and it’ll haunt you if you walk into a good copycat in the streets come Halloween. Though villains’ choice of weaponry can be quite excited, what stays with you is the look on their faces as they delve into their victims, and if the actors are good enough, right down the lense to give you a shiver down your spine.

The Collector is certainly looking to mix it with the big names and gimp mask and S&M appearance in town, he’s freaky enough to make it work. From some of the team behind the a bunch of Saw films, and sequels already in the works, we might be set for another big name in horror for years to come. Certainly The Collector’s look will haunt, and you wouldn’t want to be meeting him in a dark alleyway any time soon, never mind get stuck in one of his Home Alone-esque traps if he invades your home.

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