Book Review: Avatar: Collector’s Vault Book 3-D

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By Sam Bathe on 18 Nov 2010

I’m going to be upfront with you, and if you have read many of my film reviews this won’t come as a surprise; I hate 3-D. The biggest con in the modern film industry, charging a bigger ticket price for technology that regularly harms the cinematic experience and certainly never brings anything new, (yes, that includes Avatar‘s cinematic release), I would happily see the back of the extra dimension and forever sit comfortably in front of regular old 2-D.

James Cameron, however, can’t get enough of it. Developing new technologies purely for Avatar and claiming to give a cinematic experience unparalleled by anything before it, while he’s certainly a forward thinker, his views are at times a little over the top. With Christmas now approaching, and at last some Avatar DVDs with the scent of a special feature, comes a new collector’s edition book. And yes, every page is in 3-D.

More of a guide to Pandora, Avatar‘s characters and the plot the film explores, this isn’t the ‘making of…’ you might have expected it to be, but still makes for a compelling read even if it goes into a little more detail than the film ever demanded. In it’s defense, the 3-D imagery is excellent implemented too. Somewhat subtle, though you’ll need the provided 3-D glasses for every page, creatures jump off every page which will have kids in screams of excitement at each page turn.

With special Avatar playing cards, stickers, pull-outs and posters dotted throughout the book, Avatar: Collector’s Vault Book 3-D is out now, and worth even the £34.99 pricetag.

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