Big Deal Reaction: Pixar’s Ant-Man

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By Dan Hopchet on 8 Sep 2009

Pixar & Marvel

So everyone heard about The House of Mouse laying down the big bucks to buy comics giant Marvel last week, but now some news is surfacing about what might be their first project together. Many debated what ramifications the deal would have, if it would just be for both companies to expand consumer bases, for Marvel to use Disney’s merchandising resources, or if Disney wanted to make Marvel movies.

Now rumour has it that Disney’s other huge acquisition, Pixar, might be making an Ant-Man movie. This is quite interesting for several reasons. There already is an Ant-Man movie in early pre-production, supposedly with team behind Shaun of the Dead (Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) involved, a movie said to have been in the pipeline for a long time now.

Ant-Man is somewhat a legacy hero, in that 3 men have donned the costume and called themselves “Ant-Man”. The first is a stalwart, serious figure in the Marvel Universe, Henry Pym, and the most recent is somewhat the comic relief type (Eric O’Grady). It seems O’Grady would be the best Ant-Man for both Pixar’s and for Wright & Co’s styles. And if Pixar really are tackling the project, it will still be a few years away.

Marvel are trying to set into play the pieces of individual character movies for their big heroes and then create a mega-movie of when those heroes all team up as The Avengers, in which case a Henry Pym movie will want to be made and quickly. It will be very interesting to see how this ends up.

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